We would like to introduce you to Tshepo Thutse.  Tshepo started grade 1 with us and he passed his grade 12 in 2010 with flying colours.  He went for a job interview at S afcor P analpina, and after a very difficult interview process was chosen to partake in their inhouse training program.  They receive training for half the day and work for the other half.

We are so proud of him and this is such a statement of what your involvement in our work means to the children.

22 March 2011

The schools are already closing on Friday and we can only look back in awe at what God did during the fist quarter of this year. 

We had a visit from Pastor Bill and his team in January, and this time we also had the privilidge to meet his wonderful wife.  Pastor Bill is from Christian Cyber Ministries and runs a Internet Evangelical Outreach Program.

They have embarked on a project to plant crosses, and we were privilidged to be blessed by one.

Thank you Pastor Bill.  We love you.

Our CP Boy, Sheila, started school this year.  He is going to Felicitas School in Brakpan and he loves it.
A bus picks him up in the morning and drop him off in the afternoon.
We are so thankful for the development in him.  He came in badly abused and a lot of love and care has helped him to get where he is today.

Praise God for this privilidge.

The Acorn Foundation with the assistance from Russels donated two vegetables tunnels to us.  These will not only provide us with fresh vegies but there will also be enough to sell some to generate an income for Shalom.

16 November 2012

Congratulations Alex

Alex was chosen as deputy head boy for 2013 in his school, Shalimar Ridge Primary School.

We praise the Lord for Alex - Make us proud. 

Breanne Brammer and Danielle Van Zyl are both from farm families and
were a GREAT HELP with weighing and drawing up the medicine for the goats while I did the dosing (gotta keep your fingers in the right spot in their mouth or you'll lose it!) They have very powerful jaw teeth.

Danielle Van Zyl and her new "baby".
Our Eldest daughter, Danielle, who grew up working with us in the ministry is now in Balama, Mozambique for three months to help Brenda Lange at Orphans Unlimited doing missionary work. 
19 May 2013
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18 July 2013

Thanks to some wonderful people Shalom also received a wonderful blessing on Mandela Day.  Quite a few rooms were painted and we received a generous food and clothing donation.  Our children were even treated to a nice meal at SPUR.

Thank you to all who made it possible.

All the children armed with brushes and rolers ready to paint!!


Today we had a visit from The Harvest Christian Fellowship.  The pastor and his pupils ministered to all of us with dance and a wonderful message.  Thank you for all the food and the great lunch that you brought.

Juanita van Zyl

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