At the end of 1998 my wife experienced probably the most dramatic event in her life ever. She met her Maker and became a born-again believer in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. That very night she told me that we are going to work for the Lord on a full time basis; I told her that she was mad - famous last words. Within four months my heart was changed because during that period I was also born into the family of the Most High God.
The Lord gave us James 1:27 that say that pure and genuine religion in the eyes of God the Father is to care for orphans and widows in their need. On the 1st of March, 1999, after tying up all our personal things, we got into our car, went to the Johannesburg produce market and bought a vehicle full of vegetables that we brought back to Heidelberg, and we gave it all away to the needy. On that day, God birthed this ministry, a ministry that serves the needy with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.
Soon after the start we opened the first soup kitchen, and soon 300 people a day came for Bible study and food. That is where we made contact with the first group of street children in Heidelberg by starting to give them food.
The relationship grew between us and the children, and with that the realization that there is a huge need when it comes to destitute children, and this need is growing rapidly.
The first step was to get the children back into school, which was a battle in itself. When the children stay on the street for a long period of time they fall behind on their schooling levels. Most schools will then not take the children - Praise God we made contact with a lady that was the principal of a farm school and she was prepared to take the children. They came to us at 05h30 in the morning, cleaned and dressed and then we took them to school. After school we picked them up, brought them back to our house where they changed back into their street clothes, ate lunch, did their homework and then they went back to the streets. On the streets they live by the rule of the street, and this include stealing, fighting, drugs and sexual acts.
It became more and more difficult to send them back to the streets and we started to pray about a big premises where we can house and care for the children. Soon after a man stopped at our place and said to us that the Lord told him to tell us that we must go and look at the old railway station buildings in Heidelberg. We went there and found a big building that has been empty for three years and because of that badly vandalised. The place was stripped of everything, but we saw potential, and we had the favor of our Lord and He placed us in those buildings within three months after our first visit.
Over the past 14 years we have cared for over 600 children.


We manage every day just by the grace of God and to Him we give all the praise and glory.