We believe in the Three in One God, God the Father who created heaven and earth, Jesus Christ His Son who paid the price for our sins and the Holy Spirit who is our Comferter and Helper.  We believe that God in His fullness will provide for every need, financial, food, clothing, love, peace and safety.  We believe that the Bible is the only true Word of God and we live our lives according to it.  We believe that Faith pleases God and we live every day according to this principal.

Our Believes

Our Mission

We believe that every child was created by God for a specific reason and we will guide the children in our care so that they can become the complete human being that God created them to be.  We will do this by allowing the children to be children where they are safe, where they can go to school, play and just enjoy life to the fullest.  We will provide all the guidance, therapy, training, love and care that they need and we will do all of this through the love of Jesus Christ and through the guidance of the Bible.

Our Vision

To provide top quality alternate care to children that are destitute.